Are You or Your Clients Having QB Email Problems Again?



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Still having this Issue

Yes, I am having this issue with a client in Pro 2016 using Outlook locally installed. I've resorted to saving as PDF and emailing separately. Fortunately this client has only three or four invoices per week. Is there something in the works to fix it?

Susan Pruskin 281 days ago

Will uninstall KB update resolve issue?

Is this related to the November 1, 2016, update for Outlook 2016 (KB3127912) see ? If so, will uninstalling this update resolve the issue? I just received an email from a client regarding QuickBooks 2016 crashing when they attempt to email a sales order. This issue is occurring for all users who operate 3 different computers. I'm trying to gather as much info before I begin working with this client. Intuit also recently posted this article: Is it the same issue you are investigating?

Joan Shumaker 282 days ago

Perhaps as early as October 4

The earliest 1609 build we referenced began on October 4, with another on October 11, and there have been a few since, different user install, registration and update patterns dictate which build update you might get, some as late as last week, but subsequent updates have not seemed to resolve the problem either.

Not every user is impacted, there maybe a lot of issues involved in this one, we are continuing to research, test and correlate information to see if we find patterns of causation. 281 days ago

Outlook 2016 for Office 365?

Thanks for posting this question. From my brief research, it appears you are specifying that this is an issue with Outlook 2016 for Office 365 (not locally installed Outlook 2016). Is that correct? If so, there is a later build for version 1609 that started rolling out 11/2/2016. See this TechNet article (which also shows how to view your version/build info):

Joan A. Shumaker 282 days ago

No, this is with locally installed Outlook versions

The newer build presents the same issues, it does not resolve the problem. We have been conducing extensive testing on this, we may have found a correlation between instances of where this problem exists and where it doesn't from one user machine to another. More to follow on this. 282 days ago

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