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Award Winning Analytics for QuickBooks

Murph, first - the disclaimer - I'm the CEO at BizTools but will try to keep the sales pitch to a minimum other than to say our solutions offer true multi-dimensional OLAP technologies that enable non-technical business users to quickly & easily conduct complex financial and sales analytics.
Readers may be interested to checkout Charlie Russell's review at the Sleeter Group site (BizTools won their Awesome Application Award for 2014 in the business analytics category) here -
We're also exhibiting as a Gold sponsor at Scaling New Heights this year - so drop by the booth and introduce yourselves.

John Power more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the comment (and transparency). We try to make Intuitive Accountant a place where ProAdvisors can find information they may not find in other places. And we fully believe the vendor community is part of the solution to many of the problems ProAdvisors (and their clients face. Keep reading and commenting. - Gary

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

Reporting Replacements

I am sorry to hear about Xpanded Reports. It was a good product.
I did not think that Radial Viewer is being supported for QB any more. It had a lot of potential but they couldn't get a foothold... Other robust solutions are: webKPI, customizable dashboards for the web, ProfitSee and ProfitCents and ..CFO Essentials as Kev mentioned. They are many others cropping up. Each has its strengths, bring in differing levels of details and ease of use or visualization. But most are limited to just financial statements or metrics and do not support management objectives and needs. QQube, as far as I am concerned is still the powerhouse of them all. You can do so much with it. And for web based dashboards, webKPI is my other favorite. But no matter what tool you use, you need to know how QB behaves and how QB releases it through the SDK or IPP. And to have your clients understand the consequences of how they set up their files. And that's where we come in - to guide and support them so that they can extract out of QB the wealth of information that they work so hard to put in.

Fran Reed more than 2 years ago

Fran - thanks for the excellent input.

I will simply take this opportunity to remind you, and all of our readers, of the fact that we 'welcome article contributions'. If you would like to review any of the specific 'solutions' you mentioned in your comment, I would love to see your submission.

While I may seem to be 'a know it all' at times, I freely admit that 'my little gray cells' aren't what they once were. So articles submitted by knowledgeable contributors are always welcome.

Murph more than 2 years ago

Replacement option for Expanded Reports

Hey Murph - Late last week my email and LinkedIn message traffic started going crazy. The word that Expanded Reports was quitting business was out (thanks for articles about it) and the rush was on to find a suitable replacement.
EssentialCFO is another replacement option for Xpanded Reports. Essential CFO is software as a service providing Fortune 500 style reporting at a small business price. With our new al a carte pricing you start with our basic dashboard and simply add the features you and your client need. I won't run down the complete list here but with cash management, sales, projects and time tracking dashboards available we can fill the needs of most QuickBooks users. The specialized client and larger accounting firms love our custom dashboard designer, We provide transaction level detail, if you have it in the QuickBooks file, you can report on it with EssentialCFO.
The consolidation module is our latest and greatest, really cutting edge stuff.

Kev Christgen more than 2 years ago

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