Using Excel Flash Fill to Format Data for QuickBooks



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Excel Magic

I love it! So useful, but when I tried it, I got the same result (column D not filling in correctly) regardless of the column order I used flash fill on. I tried it with your exact data set even and couldn't duplicate the results... any thoughts as to what I've done wrong?

Sam Fiedler 114 days ago

Using Excel to support QB

I wholeheartedly support the use of Excel for migrating files & data in QB & use it for clients' needs every few days (have many clients using QB). Thanks for this great tip to add to the "arsenal"!

Michael H 114 days ago

Great Excel tip!

Great tip in easy to digest format! Thanks for ALL the tips you offer, Murph.

Laurie Davidian-Smith 140 days ago

Excellent Tip!

Murph, no clue how you discover all these 'nuggets', but so very glad you do...and that you then share them with us!

Frank Hannaford 141 days ago

Excel Tips

Thanks Murph, You are the Best of The Best!

Mariko Hayashi-Hall 142 days ago


looking foward to more tips

sandy 142 days ago

More, more!

Great Excel tip! Looking forward to more of them.

Sandy Bibace 143 days ago


Great article Murph! I love learning more about Excel!

Carol King 144 days ago

Great excel tip!

Thanks, I would like to see more excel tips.

Joyce M Shimetz 144 days ago

Flash Fill

Actually I don't think you need to use concatenate. I believe you could flash fill again. In column F type "908 Messenger Lane". Then use flash fill and the fields below should fill in correctly, saving even more time.

Caren Schwartz 144 days ago

Great Tip

............great tip, hope these tips are continued

Ross Beasley 144 days ago

Flash Fill

Thanks . Good stuff.

George Williams 144 days ago

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