TECHNO TOPIC: Improving QuickBooks Performance - Boosting RAM Cache



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What about imporving Pro version?

I noticed that my clients with Enterprise have 512 cache but Pro only has 256. Can I do this for the pro version using a Server strictly for QB? The payroll is in desperate need of assistance if the # of employees is around 800.

Noni Hodgkins more than 1 year ago

Intuit's instructions are for Enterprise Only

The instructions set forth in Intuit's Knowledge Based Article on this topic address QuickBooks Enterprise only.

Murph more than 1 year ago

Windows 2008R2

Could you comment on which QBW.ini file would be appropriate to make these changes in for QB 20913R12 running on Windows Server 2008R2? I would guess that the appropriate location would be:

But it does not appear to have given a substantial increase in memory usage on a server dedicated for QB usage. I see additional QBW.ini files in directories such as:
C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0

William Thomas more than 2 years ago


The QBW.ini is the correct .ini file to add the changes for [DBSERVEROPTIONS] more than 2 years ago


Thank you for this comprehensive article! I was thinking I read that your multipage articles were going to be printable. Is there a way that I'm not seeing?

Rhonda McNamara more than 2 years ago

The print button on the first page of the article should work...

Print button should work, but we know that it does not in all 'browser' versions, this is something our site software vendor is in the process of resolving.

Thanks for reading...... more than 2 years ago

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