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The 9 Year Climb

I started my climb with Joe Woodard back in 2009. I had already been in business for 12 years, but sales and the day-to-day tasks were stale and uneventful. With my daughters grown and on their own, I decided to spice things up, so I flew to Chicago to become an Advanced ProAdvisor in 2007. In 2008, I traveled to Universal Studios to learn more. It was there that I was inspired by one of the speakers; I was in awe of the knowledge he possessed and shared. "Tips & Tricks" with Joe Woodard-unbelievable! How did he do it? I wanted to know more. So, in 2009, I decided to go to Atlanta for more training. I was hooked. Unbeknownst to me, this journey has turned out to be one of the most rewarding and amazing adventures of my accounting career.

My business has always been focused around small businesses. I started my business to be the liaison between a client and their CPA. So many small businesses just needed the guidance to get their books and accounting up and running. Since 1997, I have provided this invaluable service to them and watched them grow as I have also watched my own business grow. From a mere 20 clients in 1997 to over 350 clients in 2016, I have enjoyed every minute of my position in their businesses and my own. Every day is an adventure.

My biggest obstacle in my business is to keep up with technology. You need to keep a keen eye on your clients and know when they are ready to advance to the next step. It is not always about the money and what you can get out of them. It is imperative to take the time to coach your clients and to potentially open their eyes to the ever changing technological advances. “Baby Steps”. Every company is unique and catering to their needs is my ultimate goal. It works! Always listen! Listening is an art. Don’t react! Be receptive to what they are trying to accomplish. I usually tell them I will get back to them after I contemplate and research their needs. If I cannot come up with a solution, I always point them in the right direction with the help of my resources with Intuit and Scaling New Heights conference contacts. With the huge resource set that Scaling New Heights offers, each ProAdvisor has a bevy of tools to use for each one of their clients. Know yourself and know your clients, you’ll be able to find something to fit everyone’s needs.

My business is a success and still growing. I attribute a large part of my success to Intuit for the products, Joe Woodard for the encouragement to succeed, and my perseverance to achieve and pass every certification since the beginning, as they provided the tools to allow me to soar!

Diane E. Margulies 77 days ago

Best conference! Always learn something new!

Best conference ever! When started my business five years ago searched online for a training conference and came across Scaling New Heights. Best conference always come back learning something new! Amazing knowledgeable group! Looking forward to SNH2017!

Sheila Kertesz 77 days ago

One of the Core Conferences of the Year

Totally agree with everything you've said here, Liz! SNH is one of the key conferences I attend. Missed it a few years ago, and lived to regret it. It's so much more than the many, MANY sessions we attend. It's the connections and friendships we forge and nurture. It's the ideas we share and receive from peers. It's our feedback that's invaluable to the software developers that in turn helps us serve our clients more efficiently and profitably. If you're a QB ProAdvisor, this is an event that is incredibly important for moving your practice forward.

I'm heading to the airport on Saturday morning, and this week have been caught up in the flurry of pre-conference scheduling with colleagues and strategic alliances alike. I'll be participating in two breakouts sessions (Tuesday afternoon with Mark Wickersham, and Wednesday morning with SmartVault), as well as in Intuit's Wiser ProAdvisor Lab. So if you're coming to SNH too, please come say "Hi!" Together we are what makes SNH one of the top QuickBooks focused conferences on the planet!

Gabrielle Fontaine 79 days ago

Scaling New Heights

This is my first time to get to attend. I am beyond excited to meet new people, get to know others better and learn, learn, learn....

Linda Carlton 79 days ago

Annual Investment Always Returns Big!

The first time I ever attended, I was flying "high" for months with the amount of information that filled my head to the number of soon to be friends that I always look forward to visiting. This conference inspires me to continue going above and beyond to help clients. It provides the nourishment to my soul by allowing me time to visit with those who know my pains and quirks and still adore me. It gives my brain a roadmap and goals for the coming year and opens doors that I didn't even know existed. So much looking forward to #SNH17, 4 days and counting!!

Catherine Wolfe 80 days ago


Heading out early Sunday. Can't wait. I will be teaching Working with Professional Services firms on Wednesday and trying to absorb as much as possible before that.

Caren Schwartz 80 days ago

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