Intuit Offers New QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program



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Current Proadvisors

It is free to current proadvisors. It is already in your course locker.

Debbie Evans more than 3 years ago

Keeping Shareholder Value

Intuit has about 85K ProAdvisors (publically stated), and at around $500 each, that's 42 million dollars in revenue. So, if they can create a new program that they can eventually charge even more for, then that will increase Shareholder profits.

David Gutierrez more than 3 years ago

Not Good

I cannot believe that you are not offering this to current ProAdvisors. We are the ones who have supported you and most of us for several years. Maybe I will rethink my ProAdvisor renewal in September.

M G Meyer more than 3 years ago

Is it really free?


Noticed you have the word free in quotation marks so I'm wondering if the Cloud Advisor program is really free for folks like me who aren't already ProAdvisors. Is it free for now and then I'll be required to pay up to become a "regular" ProAdvisor?

Would love to hear more details. I'm ready to learn more, start the training, get certified for QBO and yes, I've registered for VConn.

Thanks for the post. I'm enjoying the Intuitive Accountant newsletter; it seems to be on top of ALL the Intuit-related news!

Sheryl Schuff more than 3 years ago

Intuit reports that the new program will be free.

Here is the official Intuit website: more than 3 years ago

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