Data Utilities for QuickBooks Online – A ProAdvisor Perspective



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Super Topic!

Really looking forward to this course. I can't fathom how you will cover all you've described in only one course, Murph. Sounds like we'll have to buckle up for an awesome ride.

Laurie Davivian-Smith 137 days ago

Looking forward to it

High value course. Looking forward to it ! Thanks Murph.

George D Williams 138 days ago

Good Stuff!

This sounds like it will be one of the most beneficial classes of the conference!!! I'm totally psyched about it but PLEASE make sure it is offered in the morning! That way our brains will be firing on all cylinders and we can absorb every facet of the training!

Catherine Wolfe 139 days ago

Check the conference schedule

As I have absolutely nothing to do with the conference schedule of classes the timing of this class is beyond my control. Graciously the planning staff did make certain that I was teaching no more than two (2) of my six (6) classes on any single one of the three major conference days.

Other than that, I need to have a 'handler' to tell me when and where to show-up with what I am supposed to be teaching at that time. Trying to teach 6 classes and interview a dozen or more vendors, hear (so I can report on) all the conference keynote addresses, as well as participate in a few Intuit 'product round tables' ,and spend some time at the Insightful Accountant booth saying "hi" to our loyal readers, is about all I can do.

Murph 138 days ago

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