2015 QuickBooks Feature Minute: New “Pin-a-Note” feature (that’s my name for it, not Intuit’s)



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2 departments using notes

is it possible to have 2 note sections, one for statement notes and one for customer invoicing

Cecilia Lewis 22 days ago


Sorry - the note feature is what it is.

insightfulaccountant.com 22 days ago

Pinned Notes

I would like the LATEST customer notes PINNED. Default should be the latest notes

edith more than 1 year ago

Pin a Note

I thought Charlie Russell mentioned that you did not have the option of of not pinning a note. IE, you pinned a note, the issue is now moot, you can choose another note to pin ("nothing to do"?), but can no longer just leave it blank. Further upgrading, the most recent note in the cue will be automatically pinned. Might be good to mention these things here (if true).

Christy Bertani more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the questions....

There must always be one 'pinned' note, you can only switch notes pinned to the upper right corner by pinning a different (or new) note. You can not 'un-pin' a note that is pinned, the un-pinning occurs automatically by 'pinning' a different (or new) one.

Upgrading your existing QuickBooks file to the new year will automatically 'pin' the note on top of each note list to the 'pinned note' corner (my terminology, not Intuits)....it reminds me of having to go to the corner in school when I was a bad boy.... I must admit I don't know what happens if you upgrade an earlier file, and the file 'had NO notes' for any Center. (Maybe my good friend Charlie has that answer???)


Thanks again for your inquiry, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

Pinned Notes

My work around is to create a new Note "Notes to View" and pin that one, I leave the other notes unpinned - but the visible Pinned Note lets me or others know I need to review the Notes for the Customer or Vendor.

Donna Rodriguez more than 1 year ago

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