Insightful Accountant's 'Top QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor' for 2017 Nancy Orben shares her insights on an app for QuickBooks Online that can automate the calculation and recording of deferred revenue. more

Aug 31, 2017 5:00 PM People and Business

Leader in expense, bookkeeping and spend management software for small businesses bolsters its versatility through seamless connection with third-party scanners. more

Aug 11, 2017 6:00 AM Vendor Corner

Murph takes you through the steps of using Conditional Formatting to highlight cell values that are even numbers and odd numbers. more

Jul 27, 2017 12:05 AM People and Business 1 Comments

The state-of-the-art solutions from the leading innovator of cloud-based automated financial data consolidation, reporting and workflow management platforms lands patent in Australia. more

Jul 20, 2017 5:00 PM Vendor Corner

Our series on what 'Yetis' lie ahead for today's accounting professionals is back with a look at why this ProAdvisor believes you should absorb every piece of knowledge you can and use it to your advantage. more

May 12, 2017 8:00 AM Training Center/Scaling New Heights 1 Comments

ProAdvisors frequently use Excel to manipulate data they export from QuickBooks or some other application. Murph explains how to use the Excel Transpose Data feature to modify an Excel Spreadsheet for better clarity. more

May 3, 2017 12:05 AM Training Center/Scaling New Heights 1 Comments

Stephanie Mozzillo, product manager at The Neat Company, shows ProAdvisors how to properly document and manage invoices. more

Apr 21, 2017 7:00 AM People and Business

Murph takes you through the formatting of an iiF file, using Excel, to give you an option when importing Assembly Items into QuickBooks Desktop. more

Dec 29, 2016 12:05 AM General Ledger

Cdata for QBO


In this product review, Murph reveals an easy-to-use new tool for manipulating data from QuickBooks Online in Excel in real time. more

Dec 9, 2016 12:05 AM Vendor Corner

Localpeek's Jessica Gust shares seven readily available accounting resources you can use to help your business right now. more

Oct 20, 2016 10:00 PM People and Business

This is the first in a series about importing data into QuickBooks. We will look at the tools provided by Intuit, with our primary focus being importing data from Excel. more

Sep 1, 2015 11:17 PM General Ledger 2 Comments

QuickBooks Custom Reporting

How many reports can you get out of QuickBooks - Never Enough...

Contributing Author Donovan Sachs takes us through the steps of using the new QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) tool to produce a report in just a few minutes. more

Oct 28, 2014 8:21 PM Training Center/Scaling New Heights 1 Comments

Mario Nowogrodzki is teaching three classes at QuickBooks Connect that will help ProAdvisors and accounting professionals understand QuickBooks and Excel Intergrations, QuickBooks Inventory and QuickBooks Data File Management. more

Sep 9, 2014 8:35 AM Training Center/Scaling New Heights 5 Comments

QuickBooks Connect attendees have the opportunity to learn how to "Master QuickBooks Inventory" as taught by Ilene Eisen, CPA. more

Training Center/Scaling New Heights

QuickBooks Error Alert - R5 Update leaves Users unable to Export to Excel

Users are reporting that they are unable to export reports to Excel after updating to Maintenance Release 5 for QuickBooks 2014 or Enterprise 14. more

Mar 28, 2014 8:33 AM From The Editor 3 Comments

This article explores the Custom Advanced Reporting (CAR) tool that can be found in QuickBooks Enterprise. Specific examples are given as to how this tool is used to pull data from the QuickBooks' relational database. more

Feb 13, 2014 11:35 PM Vendor Corner 2 Comments

In this 2nd installment of his series on QuickBooks Custom Reporting Donovan Sachs provides us with some additional details in comparing the various Reporting tools which will be discussed within the series. more

Jan 15, 2014 10:44 PM Vendor Corner 1 Comments

QuickBooks Custom Reporting

How many reports can you get out of QuickBooks - Never Enough...

QuickBooks does a good job of collecting the data, but does not always return the information the way the user wants or needs it. That is where custom reporting tools come in, this series will explore many of those tools in summary and detail. more

Dec 19, 2013 9:40 PM Vendor Corner 1 Comments

Parent - child relationships can become strained or corrupted in real life, and in QuickBooks as well. Read how our old sleuth restores these relationships.... more

Dec 9, 2013 9:57 PM General Ledger 1 Comments

Want an easy way to import your transactions or lists into QuickBooks? Transaction Pro Importer is the solution you’ve been looking for. more

Jun 22, 2013 12:00 PM Vendor Corner

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