The 'Software Bug Fix' Process



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Spot On!

I'm a 'recovering' software engineer who used to work for a fortune 500 corporation for over 20 years. I had to laugh on reading this. In the 80's and early 90's it was a great place where I felt lots of personal fulfillment in my work (anyone remember 'The HPway'?) Towards the end of my career there your scenario was spot on and the reason I left the company. The 'process' took all the fun out of programming. I spent more time in project analysis and review meetings and almost no time coding. It was frustrating. Thank you for finding the humor in it!

Jenny Brausch more than 1 year ago


Very funny and it is taken as a joke Murph. You do have a talent for writing.

nancy more than 1 year ago

Not true, they just ignore reports

I've been reporting a problem that surfaced in 2014 R4. I've reported it numerous times to no avail. I've written extensive bug reports and had ProAdvisor support confirm the problem by using 2014 R3 and R4 to see the difference on their systems. They have forwarded it on up the line but the issue still exists and results in lost time for my clients and myself. I've basically given up as I've now spent numerous hours over the the past year and a half or more and 2016 still has he problem.

Joe Sobel more than 1 year ago

Very cynical

A very cynical view. As someone who has been a software developer for most of my adult live, including being (at one time) the owner of a software company that employed a large number of programmers and technical support employees, I can say that I've never been involved with a company that worked this way. Of course, I never worked for a large multi-national corporation, so that may be the difference

Charlie Russell more than 1 year ago

It was meant to be a joke !

As I mentioned in my "PS" this was meant to give everyone a 'giggle', it therefore contained a multitude of exaggerations, intended to magnify the effects.

Murph more than 1 year ago

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