Sales Tax Tuesday - Wyoming

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Sorry Gang

I was tied up with family obligations and didn't get to contribute my usual re-write of the sales tax story and such in the normal 'travel log' style this week, and Gary was gracious enough to just get the basic details incorporated and to press on time. But I thought I would throw in a few 'tidbits' on Wyoming from my own personal experiences:

1) Is Wyoming some adaptation of the words "Wide roaming", this state is big, vast, expansive (OK perhaps it just appears that way because there is absolutely 'nothing' for so long a distances when you are driving.
2) Coldest Winter trip I EVER made was to a Scout Camp east of Yellowstone, burrrrrrrrrrr (my sleeping bag was rated for 40 below, that was warm enough).
3) Best laugh, watching the bear cubs knock over the trash and prowl through it in my friends back yard just west of Buffalo (then mother bear had to come along and tried to eat the patio furniture).
4) Longest drive ever to go 'see a girl', Oklahoma City of Laramie, she just thought she wanted to go to school at the University of Wyoming (until winter set in).

Well that's what I know about Wyoming, from personal experiences, how about you?

Murph more than 1 year ago

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