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Don't forget the Tourism Tax!

I'm really enjoying this series - it's fascinating to learn how other states handle things.
I just wanted to add something to this information about South Dakota - in addition to all of the above, there is also a 1.5% tourism tax. This tourism tax is applied year-round to lodging
and amusement services and from the months of June, July, August, and September to visitor-intensive businesses.

Katherine Vinson more than 2 years ago

Many states have 'additional taxes'....

Thanks for your comment, and while true in this case, it is also true with many other states. Most states and/or local government jurisdictions will have 'other' forms of taxation, even taxes collected at the 'point of transaction' (like hotel/motel taxes, and special permit taxes, etc.). Each person doing business in those states need to be aware of those taxes and their potential liabilities; however, this series focuses exclusively on Sales and Use taxes, so we have optioned not to attempt to try to cover every tax in every jurisdiction.

Thanks for expressing your enjoyment, and thanks for reading and contributing to Intuitive Accountant. more than 2 years ago

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