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Incomplete article

I was enjoying these articles but this is the second one I have noticed is incomplete. Like Arizona, Florida doesn't charge sales tax on most groceries and medicines. Also, Florida requires retailers to charge state tax on the full price of taxable items bought with coupons or manufacturers' rebates. And like several other states, Florida has a tax-free back-to-school weekend on certain items.

Kat more than 2 years ago

Articles at not meant to be 'comprehensive'

You are correct, Florida does exempt food purchased at the grocery store, it also exempts 'funeral services'. I'm not sure that we have discussed any 'sales tax holidays' in these articles, but many states do have one or more such holidays.

Unfortunately the list of exemptions in many states is so long and specific that we could not possibly publish the entire list, most states don't even publish the entire list but have a database where you can look up specific requests.

The real purpose of the articles is to be generally informative, and to also point out the complexities of knowing what is and what is not taxable, just as you have indicated. I will pass along to Avalera that some of our readers have an interest in more examples of exemptions.

As for my part i shall strive to continue to make the articles entertaining along with informative.

Thanks again for your comments, and for reading Intuitive Accountant.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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