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Error in Article

I live in Connecticut and I must beg to differ with a statement in the article. Connecticut does NOT exempt clothing and apparel from sales tax. I only wish they did. There use to be an exemption for clothes and apparel under $50 but that has been gone for a while. Some of our sales tax laws are rather convoluted and hard to understand. For example, I do technology consulting and training. Consulting is taxed at the 1% rate mentioned. However, training is at 6.35%. What's the difference? If it is for the person's specific job then it is training. So if I am teaching a lawyer how to use QuickBooks it's consulting but if I am teaching the attorney's bookkeeper then it is training. Make sense? Not really but it is the law. Another example is if I go buy bread or meat there is no tax. However, if the bakery that sells the bread also sells meat and puts the meat on the bread to make me a sandwich there is tax.

Caren Schwartz more than 2 years ago

Thank you for catching our error

We indeed were in error when we published that clothing and apparel were tax exempt. Our error resulted from an impending change that cites an exemption for those items, but then identifies specific limitations as to the nature of the exemption. The change is scheduled to occur on July 1, 2015.

Likewise we want to thank you for illustrating some of the other complexities of Connecticut's Sales Tax Code, it simply goes to show how, even in a state with only one sales tax jurisdiction, there can still be so many different compliance issues.

Thanks again for bringing our error to our attention, be assured that both the staff here at Intuitive Accountant and our contributor Avalara regret making the mistake. We will strive to do a better job in the future.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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