QuickBooks at Tax-Time: Importing QuickBooks Data into TurboTax



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No import for QBO though

Too bad you can't import QBO data into TurboTax.

Brett Barry more than 2 years ago

Too bad is right....

You can't even import QBO data into TurboTax Online.

Intuit's resolution is:

Export your QBO data to QuickBooks desktop (a complicated process at best, a nightmare most of the time).

Of course then you need QuickBooks desktop software (you can use a 'temp copy', they say)

Then import the QuickBooks desktop data set into TurboTax.

Wow, all this emphasis on 'the cloud' and the don't even offer a way for their 'QuickBooks' cloud product (QBO) to talk to their 'TurboTax' cloud product(s).

Thank goodness there is QBO-Accountant with 'Books to Tax' to Intuit Tax Online.

Thank even more goodness that "I don't do taxes."


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

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