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tried both and sticking with

efile4biz have some misleading claims when it comes to app integration.

Leslie 142 days ago

Great product

Love It's a great product. I have been using them for the last 5 years.its the best one out there with QB and BDC integration.

Mark Stein 197 days ago

I'm all set w/efile4biz, but since you gave just a rave review, I thought I could sign up for 2 services. Signing up w/ was DIFFICULT! Seems you need to add a special character to your password, BUT their error message does not mention all! I'm not necessarily impressed w/their tech support either. Chat does not have the hours available on the window. Once, I was able to connect w/chat, my password issue was resolved. But when I commented on my frustration and my thoughts about sticking w/the competition, I was told to have a nice day. Let's just say, the support is not T-Sheets support. Makes me wonder if they are really ready for January? Is their reward and your praise deserved? To be reviewed in February.

Christy Bertani 197 days ago is Intuit's official 1099 E-filing Partner

The recent updates to QuickBooks desktop support the use of for 1099 E-filing purposes, as they are now Intuit's official partner for such. 193 days ago

Great info, Will.

Thank you Will, this was very in-depth and helpful.

Joseph 197 days ago

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