New IRS Filing Deadlines For W2 and 1099 Government Copies



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getting it right

Seems to me that we'd better get the W2's to the employees before Jan. 31 in case there is something wrong on them. SS#, etc. Otherwise we'll be filing a lot of amended W2/W3's. Same for the 1099's. Unless we send out the basic details (SS#, address, etc.) in advance and hope they respond if they find something wrong.

Linda more than 1 year ago


What will the penalty be for late filing of 1099 Forms?

JULIE HUFF more than 1 year ago

I'm not aware of any 'changes' to the penalty structure.

You would need to confirm penalty provisions with the IRS, but I am not aware of them making any changes to the penalty structure just because the deadline changed. more than 1 year ago

2017 Filing Deadlines

Also, you will not be able to get an automatic 30 day extension (Form 8809). All extension requests will need a valid explanation and will need to be filed and approved prior to the due date.

Joyce Herr more than 1 year ago

Due dates

Are the due dated effective with Forms for 2016 or for Forms for 2017?

Linda Pitts more than 1 year ago

Forms Due January 31, 2017

This new deadline is for the January 31, 2017 reporting date. more than 1 year ago

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