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DREAM Improvements

I would like to see a quantity field where the number of shares purchased /sold can be recorded and the share balance can be shown on a Balance Sheet Report. The same scenario would apply to livestock

Tim Morris more than 1 year ago

Improvements I would like

I would love improvements to:
1) make class tracking more robust, so that you it was harder to enter transactions in a way that causes fund balancing issues (Not for Profit)
2) Budgets - a beautiful feature would be the ability to roll forward last year's budget to the next year - currently we manually enter it in each year.

David more than 2 years ago


quickbooks have to improve

1) user should be able to do customize cheque payment voucher and cash receipts
2) when using multicurrency should be able to add more than 2 decimals because of that can't install some companies etc. Bahrain (Using 3 decimals so they never use quickbooks) then quickbook and come Bahrain market and will be able to beat other softwares
4) part invoices : some time only delivery notes after making delivery notes customers make only one invoice for them but quickbooks can't manage that part
4) should improve dropdown lists ( Etc. when we select customer, item or vendors we have to enter first name but if I type second name not coming from list then I have search and add)
3) some report should add :
cash flow statement direct and indirect method
stock movement report ( Item purchase and sales and closing and opening same report )
accounting ratios
trial balance should be nice more

sorry about my English

sameera more than 2 years ago

Wish List - Batch Enter Sales Reciepts

I get paid to clean up large messes. I have a business that just kept a hand check register with hundreds of sales receipts and yes they want each one entered on the date it took place. Im using a 3rd party spread sheet to upload them in and its time consuming.

Why not have batch enter sales receipts as well

syunger more than 2 years ago

Wish List - Import the Timekeeper's name into Invoices

Professional service businesses invoicing for time recorded in the QB timesheet can get all the data EXCEPT the employee's name. This requires redundant typing in the Notes field and limits the ability to combine work done by the same staff person, etc.

Jodi Ryan more than 2 years ago

Memorized Transactions by %

This has been available in Quicken for over 20 years

Harry Shepherd more than 2 years ago

Wish List Addition

I would like to see, and many of my clients feel the same, while the accountants copy is still out, the client still have the ability to invoice from estimates and receive items from POs when the estimate or PO is dated before the accountants copy cut off date. For instance while I have the accountants copy dated 12/31/2014, my construction clients would like the to invoice their customers. However, because I have an accountants copy, they are unable to invoice while from estimates that were dated in 2014. Estimates and POs have no affect on the financials, until they are billed (invoiced) or received.

Ronald Wolfe more than 2 years ago

2016 QB

I would like to see the ability in the bank recon to check only deposits or only checks

Kim Bright more than 2 years ago

Display/data entry area

Decrease the amount of white space on all data entry/transaction screens. Increase the data entry area - display more lines on screen. This applies to ALL transaction templates, Invoice, Sales Receipt, bill, write checks, enter credit card charges, etc. Scrolling is a phenomenal waste of time!

Michele Riffe more than 2 years ago


The ability to reclass transactions from vendors.

Lita Pickle more than 2 years ago

Yes, particularly adding a memo line

That is something I could use. Interesting, the Accountant version is the version I recommend to my clients in always sunny Seattle. That way, if their regular accountant or staff member is not a member of the ProAdvisor program, hint, hint, they can use these tools.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Comprehensive Keyboard Shortcuts

One more wish!

While QuickBooks Desktop has a lot of shortcut keys, there are so many functions within it missing the ability to be completed without having to slow down to grab the mouse. As ProAdvisors, we are Power Users as Hector stated and we need the ability to move fast when working within QuickBooks. I feel like shortcut keys get left out when new features are introduced. Have you noticed how the menu we use most, the Accountant menu, has no letter in its title that is underlined. I can press Alt + F to get to the File menu, Alt + E to get to the Edit menu, I can't press anything to get to the Accountant menu. In general, my greatest wish would be for QB shortcuts to work more like Excel shortcuts. In Excel, you press Alt + H and EVERY SINGLE function lights up with a shortcut key for you to press to use that function, such as pressing W to then Wrap Text. Try it if you don't know what I'm talking about and you'll see how nice it would be to have this time saving functionality built into QuickBooks.

Mario Hernandez more than 2 years ago

Thanks Hector!

Great List.

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries:
I strongly Echo the wish to export the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries. Pasting from Excel is almost useless right now for the purpose of doing mass edits since it is so difficult to ensure you are pasting in the exact order in which things appear in the QB window. It would be ideal to export to Excel, edit in Excel, and paste back in the exact order you exported.

Reclassify Transactions:
You can currently filter to show All Accounts and then filter for a Name to see all occurrences of that name. I would very much like to see this taken a step further by allowing you to filter for a KEYWORD. Just like you can do a keyword search using the Memo field in the Advanced Find module, it would be great to be able to do a batch reclassify of all the results. Many times transactions will be brought in from Online Banking and all have the same memo while not necessarily having been assigned a Name. Keyword search would solve for that.

Mario Hernandez more than 2 years ago

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

In 2012 and older versions, this window had a built in tutorial. Not sure why this tutorial was removed, but it was extremely beneficial in explaining how to use this feature .

Alice Ferrante more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks Changes Wish List

Make the scroll side lines larger like they were back in 2013.
Reduce the size of the Make Deposits Screen so it can float and look beneath it when posting.
A better printing tool for printing Journal Entries - give the user flexibility to format as needed or even export to excel
Payroll, we need the flexibility to designate between Vacation & Sick as to which is not to be accrued. Portland, OR has new rules and this information has to be kept on external spreadsheets.
Payroll, allow the deductions out to 4 decimal places as we have taxes that calculate out that far.

Debi Hambo more than 2 years ago

Make Deposit Screen

Hi Debi,
I saw your comment about wanting the Make Deposit screen smaller. This is a known bug. You can reduce the size by holding down the Shift key while clicking Banking>Make Deposits. I was so thrilled when I learned this trick. Hope you will be too.

Lorien Prince more than 2 years ago

Hector's wish list

GOOOOOO, Hector!!!!!!!

Christy Bertani more than 2 years ago

Great Wish List !!

As usual Hector, you hit it on the nail. Many of these issues I have run up against and only wished for changes in my head. Thank you for taking the time to put it on paper!

Elaine Davila more than 2 years ago


You said everything I was thinking in my head, but never took the time to analyze this way.... I hope Intuit reads this article; so needed for our community! Thanks Hector and IA for publishing this.

Andrea R. more than 2 years ago

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