What is a Professional Bookkeeper?



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Fantastic Education and More Resources

Great article, Jan! Thanks for this useful information. I especially like your focus on the importance of ongoing education as the bookkeeping industry grows and changes. Check out the following link for another great article continuing this discussion. https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2016/05/importance-redefining-bookkeeper/

Ingrid Edstrom 281 days ago


Hi there.... I am just curious why ICBUSA and not AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers)? In 2009, I had been in the bookkeeping profession for 25 years and a QB ProAdvisor for 7 years. I saw an AIPB logo on a peers website and when I looked into it, I just had to get the certification and was a Certified Bookkeeper by February 2010. Now I am seeing the ICBUSA promoted everywhere and am wondering, how long have they been around... What would compel me to switch? Or should I have both?

Natalie Browne 282 days ago

ICBUSA is part of ICB (global)

ICB is the world's largest professional organization of bookkeepers, it is not just a USA based entity. In fact, it's only been within the last couple of years that ICB formed the USA 'country-member' and began offering services and support.

Intuit has partnered with ICBUSA in terms of the ProAdvisor program. The partnership is part of ICB's aim to raise the standards of bookkeeping across America, thereby providing small businesses with the most trusted advisors. Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisors can join ICB USA with fast-tracked, discounted membership to gain independent certification and access all of the tools they need to grow their business or advance their career.

insightfulaccountant.com 282 days ago


Hi, Natalie-I love your question. We get asked this question, and my best response would be to say this.
ICB started 20 years ago. The founders realized that the small businesses were being taken care of bookkeepers that had no organization to help support their needs. The industry focused on Accountants. ICB was founded to support, elevate and raise the standards of bookkeeping worldwide. ICB has members in over 110 countries with 160,000 + members globally. ICBUSA is the baby of the family as the needs of the bookkeeper in the US have reached a critical point in time. We understand that technology & automation will take out a lot of the data entry positions. Now is the time we need to move to help raise the recognition of the work of the bookkeeper. Elevate the core accounting skills and marry that with the technology education to move our bookkeepers into the next generation.
The difference in the two entities is that ICB is here to support you on a Local level with meetup groups in your area, National support with education and technology via training centers & testing. And Global support as the next frontier is working with your businesses as they expand internationally. We hear bookkeepers say they have Facebook groups or are members of other organizations. That is a beautiful support they have to create themselves. But in the end, the ICB is ONLY for Bookkeeping Professionals.
ICB wants a standard, and not everyone is accepted. ICB helps with elevating the knowledge, the community and the skills we all work hard to achieve. You see ICB everywhere because we need to be everywhere. ICB needs to reach all our community so that we have a strong voice - the US voice. No longer are we to put up with a person that has no education. Bring them into the community help them achieve their goals and make the bookkeepers the best in the world because ICB Bookkeepers are the best.
We don't just certify and leave you to be on your own - join the ICB community and raise your voice. I would be more than happy to talk to you about this anytime. I'm here for you tell me what you need. My email is Jan.Haugo@icbusa.org. I look forward to seeing you in our community. The entrance fee for a person with their accounting software certification is $37.50 a YEAR. Come to kick the tires and join the community that is waiting for you.

Jan Haugo 267 days ago

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