STACY STUFF - Redefining and Redesigning my Practice - A Personal Journey: Part 4



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You've got this!

StacyKAcademy is going to be amazing. You made me tear up reading this, but your dad knew what he was talking about then just like he knows now what amazing things you are doing. Over the last 6 years you have shown me so much that I cannot wait to watch you excel with StacyKAcademy. I owe a lot of where I am at today to you, my mentor, my friend. Just know, I found my love of bank rec's through you ;)

Mia more than 2 years ago

You rock

How much do I just adore you?? SO GLAD WE'RE FRIENDS :)

StacyK more than 2 years ago

Personel Journey Series

You are a true inspiration Stacey to many of us who just like you are juggling all of life has to offer, only you seem to make it look easy. I guess that's where the saying goes "life isn't always greener on the other side", we just don't see the other side. It was enlightening to read of your journey as I know so many of us are on that same one, to know that it can all be accomplished with the right mindset, tools and knowledge for everyone. Look forward to StacyKAcademy. and all it has to offer.

Irene Rocco more than 2 years ago

Thanks :)

First: Love your name - it's my middle name :)
Second: thanks for the comment
Last: I think we all struggle with the same stuff, and as entrepreneurs and business owners - if if it's just us as sole props - it's hard to admit that there is a struggle. Of course I would love it if all of this came effortlessly. But none of it does, and I just want everyone out there to know, that while most days I wake up and get wait to get started, there are days with I just want to say f**k it and lay in bed, watching Law & Order reruns. And that? IS OKAY :)

StacyK more than 2 years ago

Personal Journey Part 4

I love you Stacy! You hit the nail on the head for me with this one. And yes, I love love love bank reconciliations even after 25+ years.

Erin Craver more than 2 years ago

Bank recs rule!

Thanks Erin :)

StacyK more than 2 years ago

You Will Succeed!

Stacy, thank you for sharing this journey with us. We all know that StacyKAcademy will succeed because you will give it all your energy, your smarts, and your stamina. I, too, wish my parents could share my success, but they know. I'm probably the one my parents never worried about too. Best wishes on your launch!!

Susan Pruskin more than 2 years ago


Susan, thank you!!!

StacyK more than 2 years ago

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