STACY STUFF - Back to My Roots

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Blonde Blue or Black...

You have always been a visionary. You have climbed this mountain and you will climb others. You inspire young, middle aged and "mature" consultants to look past their current state and ask "Whats Next?" Whatever you do, you will give it your all, your Stacy Stuff!.

Christine Galli, M.Ed. more than 2 years ago

Specialists and niches

Stacy, you and a couple of others have been my role model the past 9 years, and have induced me to focus on my two niches (wineries and complex inventory), while turning my back to other opportunities. All along, family comes first, and that includes my wife's mandate to keep my hair color whitish-grey. The lesson here is to focus, focus, focus.

Pete Bornstein more than 2 years ago

Love the new look Stacy!

As usual Stacy - well said, we do need to step back - albeit at the hairdressers or not - but taking stock of where we are as a business and where we are going and heading into the future with or without current clients - you will still be the QBO specialist to me!

Lauretta Finis more than 2 years ago

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