STACY STUFF: Always Trust Your Gut - And Learn to Disengage



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Always trust your gut

Thank you for this article. My problem is I think most of my clients suck. What i need now is to figure out how to find clients that don't suck!

Kerri Schuh more than 2 years ago

They Still Sneak In...

Susan, Susan & Catherine - thanks for the comments!

After 10 years, I was kicking myself after this happened. "Ugh. I should have never taken on this client. And once it went south, I should NOT have reacted..." But Carol Oliver said something to me today: that sometimes they just sneak in. And that's SO true, why I wrote this. No matter how long you've been doing this, how many clients you've worked with, or how good you think you are at weeding them out, sucky clients will still sneak in once in a while, best to try to learn from it and move on :)

StacyK more than 2 years ago

I second that emotion

I second ALL of that, Stacy. I fired four clients recently for disrespecting my work and my time. I will add something I heard at SNH 2013 that was game changing for me: "Stop apologizing for your rate!"

Susan Pruskin more than 2 years ago

Important to Learn QUICKLY

This article was right on the money! One of the hardest things when getting started is to turn down work but you really have to if you get that hinky vibe or see red flags. The one thing I will add is that typically it will wind up costing more money to get out of the engagement intact than it would have to just say no in the first place. Second thought is don't continue to chase good money after bad. You are afraid that you can't afford to fire them - you are just making room in your schedule for the amazing replacement that is sure to follow.

Catherine Wolfe more than 2 years ago

Trust Your Gut

Thank you Stacy. This was a wonderful reminder. I had a similar situation a few years back. Since then, I always trust my gut.

Susan Humphreys more than 2 years ago

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