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More power to you girl!!

Thank you for putting all of this out here - it's the dirty little secret we don't talk about but we all need to know that we aren't the only ones! I can't do your pink hair but I can be right beside you - thanks!!

Nancy Gomez more than 2 years ago

Again, thank you all!

Thanks for all of your comments! Reading these always makes my day :)
I love being able to connect, and appreciate the feedback!

StacyK more than 2 years ago


I'm available 24/7 but have no fixed agenda. Here are my priorities: (1) Golf, especially with my grandsons, (2) family, (3) clients, (4) networking and (5) vacations. It's a nice blend, far better than retirement!

Pete Bornstein more than 2 years ago

Brain Please Turn Off!

I have seen myself doing the same thing. I have trouble turning things off. Thankfully I have a loving husband, that has come into my office and said at 8 or 9 pm we are going out to dinner, turn off the computer. Or its Saturday and we are going to hit the yards sales or Antique shops today. He knows how to get me to disconnect and relax. I still do have the dreams at night, but not as frequently.

Becky Neilson more than 2 years ago

It can wait!!

Yes! I just happened to read this when I was trying to decide if I should work on my website or read for pleasure! Just gave myself permission to read!

Carrie Kahn more than 2 years ago

I was just there this morning!

Couldn't be a more timely dose of common sense, Stacy!!! Woke up this morning at 5:41 am thinking about the huge project I'm starting for a new client. Yes, we need to step away from the computer, phone, etc. at least by 5 and live our lives. I've been doing this for ten years too, and like you, I used to work evenings and weekends just so nothing would be late or go wrong. That dreaded Monday morning feeling if you didn't do any work on Sunday! Ugh! Now I know there is no such thing as an accounting emergency, after stress nearly stopped me dead in my tracks three years ago. Love you Stacy! Thanks for the good advice, as always!

Erin more than 2 years ago

Couldn't agree more

Great article Stacy. We need to take each other's advice and know that it's ok to put the "stuff" away. 😄

Jo King more than 2 years ago

Virtual Assistant

Hey there. I would love to hear some examples of ways you (and others) use VA's. I am one of those people who has trouble envisioning new concepts and needs to see a live example in order to "get it".

(BTW - my brain run-on, endless list making, etc. ceased when I began medication for my bi-polar disorder! I had no idea that such a phenomenon was a brain chemistry issue.)

Honali Austin more than 2 years ago

I have been there!

This sounds a lot like how I used to be. But I am glad to report that I too have realized that I am not saving lives. And I have realized that when you try to be available all the time to clients all the time, they learn to expect it. I even had a client hunt down my home number and call me at 7:00 am to ask me a (non-urgent) question. Needless to say, I did not take the call...but I did make it very clear later that day that calling my house in any circumstance was not acceptable...especially when I am having breakfast with my kids. I love my clients and work hard for them, but boundaries must be established to keep everyone happy...I am pretty sure he would be pretty ticked if I called him at 11 PM about additional info I need to finish his work. Am I right?

Cheryl Burgmaier more than 2 years ago

Shut-up Brain

Thanks, Stacy! We needed that!

Judy Finch more than 2 years ago

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