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Yes, all your tips are very good. However, they won't stop their action. Like you've said, they always find new ways to break the rules. The easiest way to avoid them is just to block their numbers, and report to FTC. Additionally, you may want to share the numbers to your Twitter page, Facebook feeds, blogs, or some sites like just to let more people aware of them, so that they will be able to, at least, block the number before get called.

Suryo Saputro more than 2 years ago


I signed up immediately when this company first announced their product. It works great, your phone actually has a different ring tone when its a phone number you want and if a call actually gets through that is a solicitor you can have that number added to your list. Its an excellent product to have.

Irene Rocco more than 2 years ago

SPAM Blocking

Most "house" & Voip phone services will Block a list of unwanted numbers you designate and one of many cellphone apps that can be used to Block calls is "Calls Blacklist" Both work great to discontinue ALL calls from the Blocked Numbers.
As for SPAM email, you can sign up to "" service and forward SPAM email to them and they will analyze to email and send the emailer sources to SPAM blockers. This can be effective sometimes. Spamcop is a free service, with request for small donations.

Ross Beasley more than 2 years ago

Here's the link to Nomorobo

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

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