Robin Hall - Sharing the Wealth: SQUIRREL (Better Late than Never)



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Amen, Sister!

I'm right there with you, and I think I might be leaning a bit more toward the cray cray side of things. I think I've been eating squirrel for breakfast. In the last two weeks we have implemented 8 new apps/programs (4 of which needed certifications), joined the Intuit Reseller Program, implemented fixed pricing, and we are discussing merger with another local bookkeeper (bringing on a new operator!). I don't want to let any of these fantastic opportunities pass us by, and that is where the cray cray comes in. We are doing all of it. Now. I feel like I'm drowning in spinning plates, and I'm loving (almost) every moment of it.
I love my team SO much, and I wouldn't be able to do any of this without them. Allowing my amazing team to really handle the operations so that I can focus on the big picture has been amazing.
Here are the other pieces that have really helped me not completely lose my marbles in this process:
1. LivePlan - What an amazing tool. This is the best way I have found to turn shiny idea into written goal.
2. Be transparent with the team - When I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck, someone always has my back. That moment of vulnerability and being open to their fantastic input is essential for growth. I keep them around because they are brilliant, so I make sure to listen and get out of the way.
3. Work with professionals - I've been talking with my business coach, our local SBDC, my CPA, LegalSheild, my financial planner, my life insurance agent, my HR advisor, my analyst, and more. In the same way that my clients need me because they are not bookkeepers, I am not any of the people I just listed. There is no way I want to go through these massive changes (particularly the merger and restructuring) without them.
I'd love to have tea at QB Connect and swap updates on these adventures.
Thanks for sharing your story. Glad to hear I'm not alone!

Ingrid Edstrom more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the affirmation

What? I am not that much different than Robin? That is good news!
One year I skipped a conference because I had not yet done my "homework" from the last conference.
This year, I took the whole team -all three of us. On Tuesday (late)evening in the room in our jammies, my partner flipped over an oversized sheet of paper we got from one of exhibitors and drew four quadrants and we set implementation goals for the next four quarters...and "parked" all the good ideas that didn't make the cut. Hopefully having realistic goals, on paper, with deadlines will improve our take-away realization quotient.
And , I got to hang out in a bar and chat with Mike Michalowicz ...priceless.

Ann Lee more than 2 years ago

Reminders catch Squirrels!

Robin, thank you for the reminder that all those amazing ideas and thoughts and new procedures and new revenue streams and new software... won't get implemented without some sort of map. Without that written plan of what we want to accomplish, it's kind of like driving around without an actual destination. From my map dot in the middle of the squirrel farm, I appreciate the reminder!

Catherine Wolfe more than 2 years ago

How to hire for the other roles?

Hi Robin, There was lots of great stuff at the conference (including the Consult-a-Thon, thank you very much) but Les McKeown was amazing. It is such a useful model, particularly in the small business space that we work in. I also have a split personality, with slightly more visionary. So I was relieved when he described the trap I have fallen into in my business. Now I just have to hire for those other roles. Is it ethical or legal to use his quiz as a tool to screen job applicants?

Jeanette Tan more than 2 years ago

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