QBO Multi-Company Discounts – We Need Them



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I'm right there with you!

I responded to my channel manager's opinion poll in a recent email that this was a MUCH needed option for serial entrepreneurs. One of the common traits a lot of small business owners have is that they have multiple companies. It doesn't make cents (intentional) for them to incur a monthly cost for what they usually pay for a year. The clients, (especially those in business for more than a couple of years) don't mind the lack of mobility and since they typically have 1-2 person offices, they don't even usually have multiple desktop licenses. I can't sell an older entrepreneur on the cloud model as they don't see the value.

Catherine Wolfe 173 days ago

Change your business model!

This is why your need to rethink your business model when you move to the cloud. Otherwise your just paying for expensive software. That's not digital firm transformation. Hello firm of the past!

Jody Padar 184 days ago

We hear you all the way from Downunder

This is not isolated to only the US. Multi co discounts would be appreciated in Australia and the other regions too. I have handled it in the past with discounts via my wholesale billing but as mentioned that is not always a viable solution. Any more than three or four files becomes cost prohibitive.

Diane Lucas 185 days ago


This would help with the conversion from Desktop to QBO for several of my clients.

Ellen Allen 185 days ago

QBO Multi-Company Discounts – We Need Them

I agree as well Liz. I have a fledgling business of seven clients and three of them, almost half, have multiple companies. Two of them we are trying to manage under one license and the third has purchased multiple QBO licenses. I would LOVE to see a multi-company discount.

Doug Johnson 186 days ago

QBO Multiuser discount is a must for our clients

We have so many clients that we would switch to online right now, but can't because they have from 2 to 25 companies that we do the books for. Wholesale discounts don't work, what would be the point of us collecting the client;s money and giving it to Intuit if we don't make a profit on the wholesale program? It's enough of a hassle as it is for a few bucks. I've been being overcharged for wholesale payroll for almost a year, every month even after bringing it to Intuit's attention several times.

Jennifer Leinhos 186 days ago


And while they're about it, what about inter-company linkage. So if you have a funds transfer between two associated cos., you don't have to post it twice. Simple consolidations also, appropriate for small business groups of companies. That is probably a big one, but no harm in thinking about it.

Malcolm 186 days ago

Bring back the multi-company discount

I agree. I know one of my clients has 3 companies that would like to move to QBO if the price wasn't prohibitive. It would be perfect for them and others.

Tammy, proadvisor 186 days ago

Multi-company available today

There is a multi-company discount available directly to small businesses if they call (877) 683-3280 and ask about it.

Peter Rodney 186 days ago

Multi-Company Discount

Cheers to that! Absolutely it makes sense and would be positively received by many of our clients. Please add my vote to the count.

Sherry Lutz Herrington 186 days ago

I started saying this three years ago...

Liz – I 100% agree with you the thesis behind your post. I have a couple clients who have a 5, 10, 20, 50 companies, etc. who are hesitant to move the QuickBooks online just due to the cost of subscriptions for each company. I went round and round and round with Intuit on the pricing. At one point in the journey, there was a suggestion to price the companies at full price for the first company and then $10 per year for any additional company. I have no doubt that my clients that are hesitant to move due to the cost would jump at the chance to do $10 per year for each additional company. It is just the cost per month that my clients are hesitant to sign up for. Even under wholesale pricing is still not cost-effective to move someone with 50 companies to QuickBooks online when you can get that through QuickBooks desktop for $300 per year. I would love to see this added and I have at least 50 companies right off the top my head that would convert as soon as something was released for multi-company pricing...
Please keep me updated on any progress with Intuit on this..

Caleb L. Jenkins | Top Up-N-Comer ProAdvisor 187 days ago

this is still timely

Thanks for raising this topic. I don't know if $10 a year is the right number, or if it is $5 a month.
BUT ......
Almost everyone who is a QB user knows you are RIGHT about this. Converting to QBO can be a big or small ordeal, but there is a bit of work involved. I sure would not do it for free - unless it was "built into" my price structure somehow.
Why in the world Intuit wouldn't Intuit make a concerted effort to take the cost issue off the table? For that matter, I think one BIG thing that has limited Intuit's price increases is the emergence of Xero as an online accounting solution.
Intuit - we know you are listening. Please don't continue tuning us out.

bill rogers 186 days ago

$10 per year was a suggestion in our conversations

Bill - when I was working with Intuit on the pricing, they suggested $10 per year for additional companies. That was back when Luis Sanchez was the ProAdvisor Program Leader before he turned it over to Chris Hamilton.
The result of that conversation was that Intuit decided not to undercut the Wholesale Billing. However, my suggestion to Intuit was to only offer multi-company pricing through Wholesale Billing if they don't want to undercut Wholesale Billing and hurt ProAdvisors. I just think a lot of people would jump at the chance to convert of there was a cheaper mechanism than the current wholesale billing pricing.

Caleb Jenkins | Top Up-N-Comer QuickBooks ProAdvisor 179 days ago

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