Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich. Really?



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Mary Longacre Fan Club

Mary is one of my favorite people. She has a huge wealth of knowledge in so many areas and, as Debra says, she is always willing to share it. I especially appreciate that she sends me links to articles on subjects she knows I am researching, with UX Design being the most recent topic of interest. Mary has been instrumental in my growth as a developer. I definitely consider her one of my mentors. Mary, thank you! You Rock!

Carol Oliver more than 3 years ago

Aw, shucks

Thanks for the super-kind words! It must be the Geology degree that makes me such a rock star. :-)

Mary Longacre more than 3 years ago

Great Headline!

Enjoyed the article as a networking...the headline is what got me reading though...just thought I'd share!

Brandon Morris more than 3 years ago

Mary is Great!

Great article about Mary! She is so willing to share her knowledge. I loved finding out the personal details! It is wonderful reading about our colleagues! Selecting Mary to interview was a perfect choice.

Debra Kilsheimer more than 3 years ago

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