Out with the Old (QB for Mac that is)



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Link to Press Release

As someone who works in IT this is incredibly useful knowledge to have. However when ever a large change like this is happening my company prefers to show something from the software vendor themselves rather than a third party site. As such I was wondering if anyone had a link to the press release from Intuit directly.

Louis Sorace 146 days ago

It wasn't a Press Release

It was an 'announcement' sent to QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Intuit Re-sellers in advance of notices going out to QB-Mac users. This is a common practice of Intuit to spread the word to those of us supporting their products so we can begin to 'break the news' (I don't know if gently applies) to our clients.

So we had no 'link' to a formal press announcement to provide, and still don't have one.

insightfulaccountant.com 145 days ago

Murph - that IS funny!

"No man/child/person left behind"
Progress takes many forms, it seems. QB for Mac has quite a few challenges. This decision by Intuit will require some short term pain for clients and ProAdvisors.
BTW - all the comments I see on here are well-worded and it confirms for me the reason I charge so much for ANY QB work.

Bill Rogers 161 days ago

No more QB for Mac

When Intuit revamped QBO and started the big push to move all users to that platform, I read many predictions that the desktop product would be eliminated, although others said that "desktop wasn't going anywhere." The death knell for QB Mac seems to be the first step in that direction. I understand Intuit's point of view: QB Online is guaranteed monthly revenue, which owners of the desktop software can use it for years at a time.
However, QBO still doesn't have all the functionality of the desktop product. It lacks progress invoicing, price levels, setting default accounts for vendors and several other features that I use constantly. I really wish that Intuit would stop messing with the APPEARANCE of QBO and start adding the functionality.
That's my two cents.

Patti Killelea-Almonte 167 days ago

Hasta La Vista QB for MAC

Should have been done years ago. I have three clients on QB for Mac. Has been the most agonizing experience for at least 6 years running. My list of complaints is very long and I am a regular Mac user for other software. But Macs aren't made for this type of work. I have been trying to convince my clients to make the switch to QBO or Windows desktop, maybe now this will be the impetus needed. I am not a big fan of QBO because it is still so very clunky compared to Desktop QB but it is much better than QB for Mac. Adios QB for Mac...

Kelley Sedoryk 167 days ago


My sentiments exactly! It is painful for me to use QB for Mac, so incredibly frustrating. I have been steering my Mac user clients to QBO for a while now. Fortunately, for what they do, QBO works fine for them. But that QB Online payroll is aggravating!!

Jan Reid 166 days ago

QB for Mac

I've been a Mac user since 1984 and used QuickBooks for Mac for many years, but when QBO came along I jumped onboard and have not looked back. QB for Mac always felt like the neglected child in a large family. Now I feel like the favorite child. In addition, I was able to launch my bookkeeping business a couple of years ago and grow it to a full practice using QBO exclusively and keep working on my Mac. No more going to the dark side.

Alexa Gregory 167 days ago


At SNH 2013, I asked if there would ever be certification for QB for Mac and was flatly told No. So this isn't a surprise. I have only two clients left on it right now - I've moved them all to QBO. I have one who will go kicking and screaming, though.

Susan Pruskin 167 days ago

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