Measuring Manufacturing Performance - Part 1



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Measuring manufacturing performance

Manufacturing, particularly custom manufacturing or ETO (engineering to order) is among those industry types that could benefit tremendously from a more intimate and detailed approach to accounting. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find experienced professionals with not simply a competence in working with manufacturing industry sector clients, but specifically with ETO process. Building to order is one thing, but finding the way to improve efficiency and profitability when every job is a custom encounter takes additional skills and a lot of data.

joanie mann more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks manufacturing edition is limited

Murph, I couldn't agree more with your comment about QB Manufacturing not being enough. Here's a short list of the manufacturing-related functions that is lacks:

Expiration dates on lot numbers
Secondary approval on purchase orders
Floor shop controls
Production schedules
Work Orders with instructions on build and by line item
Costing per location, and not just by item
Standard and/or actual costing typical in mfg environments.

I get very frustrated with Intuit when they use the label 'Manufacturing' edition, when really all it does is the build assemblies with a few associated reports (i.e., shortage reports).

Tim Grant more than 2 years ago

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