Intuit Playing Cupid Between Small Businesses and ProAdvisors



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I like the new look to the Find a Proadvisor website. When a search is done on a city the matches actually work in that city now. Before it was showing matches over 30 miles away at the top of the list. Great to see the local Proadvisors are at the top now. One problem I found is that I try to enter Albany, OR in the search box and it changes to Albany, NY. I can't search for Albany, OR (my home) to find a Proadvisor. Also can't search for Lebanon, OR either. I hope they fix this soon.

Jennifer M Brausch 181 days ago


I started my business almost 6 years ago, became certified, set up a profile on the Find-a-Pro site and haven't looked back. I always tell people I don't do any advertising because I don't need to. I get all my business from 3 sources, the Find-a-Pro site, Google searches, and networking/referrals. I love what I do and have grown my business from a solo practice to a team of 4 and I'm still growing. The Find-a-Pro site has made lead generation so easy, I never worry about getting more business it always comes when I need it. Thanks Intuit for a wonderful program and all the support you offer us ProAdvisors in the field.
Sherry Lutz Herrington, Owner and Certified ProAdvisor
$herrington Financial Fitness

Sherry Lutz Herrington 185 days ago

ProAdvisor Program

I started using QuickBooks Desktop version since 1997. Unfortunately the ProAdvisor program is not launched in HK (except for the QBO one in 2015). I am one of the first batch of QBO ProAdvisor in Hong Kong. I would love to see that the Desktop ProAdvisor program can be officially launched in Hong Kong since here there are many fake Advisors.....

Eric CHAN 185 days ago

Intuit does not care about partners

Why is Intuit going to such lengths to connect "small businesses" and ProAdvisors together, but completely ignoring their small business partners who make tools for QuickBooks, and making us do stupid things like having to screenscrape to be able to get emails and get word out to ProAdvisors about our products??? It takes an act of God to get Intuit to respond to our inquiries and help us out. Sorry, but this pushes my buttons. Intuit is NOT supporting small businesses at all, not if they can't even be bothered to help their small business partners.

Juan Jimenez 185 days ago


It sounds like you're mad at Intuit for preventing you from spamming the 200,000 ProAdvisors. If you only knew of the massive amounts of spam we used to get, not just from software developers, but from scammers as well, you would understand why Intuit doesn't just give away our contact info now. If you have a great app, advertise it the way everyone else does, through conferences and other events. If you have to rely on stolen data, and can't afford to spend money on advertising, you're probably not ready to be in this arena. Personally, I ignore anything that comes to me unsolicited. Straight to unsubscribe and ban the domain.

Jeremy Craig 185 days ago

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