Congratulations to Our 2016 Top 100 ProAdvisors

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Congratulations to the Top 100 Pro Advisors. I'm sure it was well deserved! Wishing you the best of luck from the Ledgersync team.

Maurice Berdugo more than 1 year ago

Top 100 ProAdvisors

I am honored to be selected for this remarkable honor once again. I have to thank my family, friends and absolutely my clients for making me the ProAdivisor that I am today. I couldn't have done it without all of you. My family pushes me constantly to be the best I can be, my friends are always cheering me on, and my clients are always challenging me to learn new things to that I can help them be the best that they can be.

Susan Humphreys more than 1 year ago

Next year?

I must be number 101?! Congrats everyone!

Jennifer Leinhos more than 1 year ago

Thanks to all of those who helped me achieve this goal

I'm honored to have been selected again as a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 2016 as well as 2015 and 2014.

But I couldn't have gotten there without the help of Madeline Bailey who showed me how to pass Intuit's exams, Luis Sanchez, former ProAdvisor Program Manager who encouraged me to complete every certification I was eligible for which allows me to be ranked first in Seattle, Insightful Accountant for telling me about the various affiliate and third party programs I could use for my clients and other useful information for my practice, Michelle Long and Hector Garcia whose QB Power Hour has allowed me to stay up to date, Ruth Perryman who got me started as an Intuit Premier Reseller which forced me to be more knowledgeable about Intuit's products, the Sleeter Group whose consultant guide helped me pass the advanced certified proadvisor exam and the forum that I read and learn something everyday, and Shelly Robbins's Meetup Group which has also allowed me to exchange other information with local ProAdvisors and stay up to date on QuickBooks products through presentations by Gayle Kirsopp and other presenters like Tsheets, Finagraph, and Practice Ignition.

Keith Gormezano more than 1 year ago

So exciting to be part of the Top 100

Congratulations to all the Top 100 ProAdvisors! Together we can make a difference and transform the business world.

Veronica Wasek more than 1 year ago

Top 100

I'm honored to have been selected as a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 2016. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the difficult task of selecting the Top 100!

Caleb Jenkins more than 1 year ago

Congrat's to all !

The top 100 Leaders are awesome ! Congratulations and thank you for your continued contribution to your clients and the QBPA community ! Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way ! We will see you at #SNH16

George Williams more than 1 year ago

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