Becoming a Law Firm Trusted Advisor - Part 1

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Small Law Firm Needs

I loved reading this article and will be eagerly awaiting next sets in this series. In my opinion, consultants / advisers have not served law firms well largely as they themselves did not have good understanding of "business of law" points cited in this article. End result is a situation where majority of small law firms are running extremely inefficiently, caught into quagmire of compliance, ethical obligations and accounting requirements which neither they understand nor their "consultants" understand.

I completely agree with the statement that law firm and solo practice lawyer clients are looking for a "trusted adviser just like you." Its a great opportunity for accounting/bookkeeping professional to widen their horizon, learn these specialized "business of law" skills, help law firms run a better practice and in-turn grow their own consulting business. A true win-win for all.

Rick Kabra

Rick Kabra more than 1 year ago

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