ABOUT YOU: Charlie "Out of Africa" Russell



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Great Guy, Great Article

Thank Charlie for the the bio and your great contribution to the QuickBooks world. Thanks Murph for getting Charlie on your blog...great to have the crossover.

Jeff Cecchini more than 2 years ago

Most selfless person I know and real SMART!

Charlie, is truly genuine when he help his peers and clients. He loves to share his knowledge. I am jealous about all the time he enjoys taking such beautiful pictures and so glad he shares them with us!

Laura Madeira more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Thanks to Murph for posting this. Thanks to my peers for voting me in the top 100. Thanks to Hector for the compliment (your talk was my all-time favorite at SNH this year, along with your comment about a Miami resident's reception that day in San Antonio). Kathy, yes, that was the most fantastic trip I've ever had in my lifetime, and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures (lots more of them at my Flickr site).

Charlie Russell more than 2 years ago

Cool Trip!

Great pictures Charlie! It must have been really great to see those animals in their native habitat instead of locked up in a zoo.

Kathy more than 2 years ago

Charlie's Blog

In my opinion Charlie's Sleeter blog is the most comprehensive and technically accurate blog on the web. Both Charlie's and Bill Murphy's QuickBooks-related blogs are the quintessential guide for the ProAsvisors.

Hector Garcia more than 2 years ago

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