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Have you used this product extensively?

I have and I would agree with your statement that they are continually updating their product and open to suggestions as I have spent countless hours and many support tickets to get bugs and issues fixed in their product. While I would agree that the product is amazing for what it does, I've had problems with all my clients using it ranging from just finding the USB label printer, having to reconfigure each and every store over and over again and on every computer because of bad verbiage, setting up workstations for the first time to even find the database, to an SQL error log that is growing non-stop that eventually causes the disk to run out space (still a problem even their senior developers can't figure out).

What is also misleading is that before you buy it, you speak to sales staff and can view video demos by U.S.-based staff. However, once you buy the product, you learn that all the development and technical support is based in India. On more than one occasion they were more than an hour late for callbacks. And having to do remote sessions just so that they can modify code on the fly, while pretty impressive, it makes we wonder if their product is still in "development." I feel like I am helping them improve their product while having to endure long support sessions at my clients' expense.

I understand their challenges of keeping up-to-date on the many shopping carts they support. However, I am just talking about basic program flaws. For example, when I finally figured out how and when Webgility is supposed to post a credit memo to QBs, I selected 10 orders and cancelled them. Unfortunately, the program sent 10 duplicate credit memos for each customer! Now, I am just wondering how many users this company actually has and whether they are solvent or not because they still have a lot of work to do.

Brett Barry more than 3 years ago

Thanks for your comment and to answer your question, yes I have the product in use by multiple clients!

Brett - I have used Webgility eCC extensively, and worked with multiple clients both on-site and remotely to get it installed and working, and with the except of a few start-up issues (which is not uncommon in most sophisticated software) I don't consider eCC excessively 'buggy'.

I had an SQL conflict, but SQL conflicts are not uncommon when you have more than one SQL application running on the same machine. In almost all of my eCC installations with regular clients, we ran eCC on an SQL server (many times virtual) with a QuickBooks server companion.

I am NEVER surprised to find any software 'sold by US sales' ad supported from 'foreign engineers/tech support staff', isn't Intuit exact the same for the most part?

I have one client running multiple different carts, all through eCC to update 1 QB file; that is about as complicated as you can get it, and again while we had a few up-front glitches, and the product does not (by itself) do everything they would like (it does what it advertises, they just want more) it works for them with several thousands of orders monthly and has for almost 2 years.

I have always found the people at eCC easy to work with, courteous, and helpful....all the way to Parag Mamnani, their founder and CEO, who I have spoken with on a few instances regarding potential improvements.

So thanks again for your comments, and I hope you get your eCC issue(s) resolved. And thanks for being 'an Intuitive Accountant' reader.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago


Murph, I have also found the sales and support staff at Webgility extremely courteous, helpful, and very technical adept, so that was not part of initial comment. I was referring more to the pitfalls of having overseas support such as confusion on US time zones and holidays, slower Internet connections, and communication issues. And I am pretty sure QuickBooks ProAdvisors would not be happy without their U.S-based support, so I don't think you can compare to Intuit.

What were your start up issues and up front glitches? One of my clients is running SQL server only for Webgility. So, I'm just wondering if this is common or related to the list of problems on their community forum that many have already reported. Thanks.

Brett Barry more than 3 years ago

My comparison was Webgility support to QuickBooks user support.

Brett - thanks for your comments again, but I was not trying to compare Webgility tech support with QB ProAdvisor support, rather I was comparing it to everyday QB-user support which is 'overseas based'. QB ProAdvisors pay hundreds of extra dollars per year, and must obtain certification to earn the right to US-based support, and even then it is not 24-hours per day.

As far as the specifics of my start-up issues, I will just say that with a little time and effort, both on the part of myself and Webgility they all got worked out. I didn't really find those problems unique or that 'out of line' with other complex software integrations I have performed. If they were all 'simplistic' there wouldn't be a need for QB ProAdvisors or 3rd party software 'specialists' at all.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago

Seems like a paid review

Did you receive any sort of compensation for this review?

Ray more than 3 years ago

Absolutely not.

Thanks for your comment Ray. As Publisher of Intuitive Accountant I want to assure you and all of our readers that we are not compensated for what we write.

garyd (insightfulaccountant.com) more than 3 years ago

ECC Fails To Deliver

I have used ECC extensively for nine months. The product looked good at first, but after becoming more and more involved in using it, I can say that Webgility makes a lot of glowing promises that are not backed up by the product. It does NOT fully integrate Opencart with Quickbooks POS. When we asked their "support staff" to make their product work fully with POS, we were told, a week after asking, that their developers could make the system work as designed for $400 an hour development time. We declined, of course. Emails and voice messages may take the better part of a week to be answered, which is not acceptable in a retail business environment.

As it stands, ECC has the potential to be a powerhouse product, but as of December 2013, it has not progressed from where it was in March 2013. The product, overall, operates like software that mostly works, and Webgility decided that was close enough, and no longer works on Opencart and QB POS integration without a $400./hour price tag. It works enough to have promise, but not enough to be the product they claim it is.

Allen more than 2 years ago

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