QuickBooks Point-of-sale 12.0: First Impressions of a POS Guru



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Its a failure at my location

My upgrade to v12, destroyed the ability to search items. It hangs up, gives errors, and cant refresh the text in the windows, resulting in blank lines of search results (still clickable, just no text). Also bugs that existed in v11 still exist like trying to load a PO from the find PO screen results in the wrong PO. Intuit support has no answers for me. Has no one else experienced this? I've tried three separate machines with different operating systems, and the included sample file, all do this. Looking for help.

Jeff Davis more than 2 years ago

Thanks for giving V12 your blessing!

I count heavily on your wisdom and experience with POS, so hearing this from you is music to my ears! While we do not have anything close to your POS practice, it is important to us, and, like you, I have had some serious growing doubts about Intuit commitment to this product.
I have checked the product out and like what I have seen, so it is very reassuring to get your vote of confidence!

Frank Hannaford more than 2 years ago

Other fixes?

Did they "fix" the price manager? Are there any "new" features other than "it works?" I completely appreciate that believe me but I'm curious to know if there are any other worth noting updates.

Catherine Wolfe more than 2 years ago

Will's reply to your question....

I am not aware of any specific problems with Price Manager, so can’t really answer that. As for new features, no. The biggest improvement is the addition of Windows which is not really a new feature. Given the amount of work that I am sure went into this version, I am not sure I really wanted any new features.

Will English

insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago


I expect they will drop the "ten times faster" from marketing jargon soon. There is no basis to support it. I see little if any speed increase even after moving to a 3 times faster computer. The receiving process I hoped would be fixed wasn't. Much ado about nothing for us.

J Shepherd more than 2 years ago

Basically 9.0 with some graphic improvements

V12 is pretty much V9 with some enhanced, but not all, screens. This is not necessarily a bad thing because 9.0 was the best version. We are still using 9.0 andt see no reason to upgrade to V12. So to say Intuit is serious about POS again is not completely accurate since all they have done is rehashed 9.0 and made some of the screens prettier. Functionality is basically the same.

Steve more than 1 year ago

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