QuickBooks Online Payroll 'Types' versus 'Class' Tracking



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Are the Payroll options gone?

So I followed this to turn on class tracking, but the settings for how to handle it for payroll are not there. In fact we have no payroll settings other than where to map accounts. We let intuit handle our payroll but need to go in and class it, maybe our settings are not the same?

Derek 189 days ago

Please contact your Intuit Full Service Payroll Rep.

The only time we have seen QBO missing payroll settings is when QBO full service payroll is used; so in that case Yes, you must contact your full service payroll rep to create the mapping.

insightfulaccountant.com 189 days ago

Is any of this automatic?

So if "I use different classes for different employees" is chosen, does that cause payroll checks to automatically have the assigned class on them? How about Employer Taxes for that Employee?

Wade Scott 315 days ago

Payroll Classes

Hi Wade, Yes, you are correct once a class is chosen for an employee the class sticks to the employee so all payroll including taxes are captured in the reporting.

Liz Scott 314 days ago

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