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QuickBooks Payment Solution - No partial payments

About 6 weeks ago, I upgraded my own company file to QuickBooks 2015 (I intentionally always lag behind at least 1 year) due to the pending discontinuation of QuickBooks Billing Solutions (which I have used since inception). Today I had a client who wanted to make a partial payment via the payment link. She was able to do this previously but now she can't change the payment amount. So I had to void her invoice and send her two invoices (alternately, she could have called me to make a payment over the phone). I hope Intuit fixes this soon . . .

Joan Shumaker more than 2 years ago

QB Changes

Intuit has been making significant changes at a rapid pace. Many are hurting accountants -- loss of remote access, the bewildering changes to support services, the complete breakdown of NY electronic payroll filing -- with no solution in sight, and the apparent demise of the "desktop" version (despite hollow promises). I am glad I am retiring -- what used to be an easy software company to deal with has now become a practical nightmare. What ever happened to the "Scott Cook Mentality"? What a shame. ---- Charles F. Heck, CPA

Charles F. Heck, CPA more than 2 years ago

e-invoicing video

There is no audio on the video.

Martha Yasso more than 2 years ago

Quick Books Billing Solutions Discontinuation

Is this separate from someone who has Intuit Merchant Service Account? Will companies be able to email invoices and get paid via the Intuit Merchant service account?

Irene Rocco more than 2 years ago

no sound on the video

Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate your timely updates. The video has no sound, however.

Jeanette Tan more than 2 years ago

Does this effect QBO?

Does this effect QBO users?

Jake Jaquint more than 2 years ago

What Business Is Intuit In Now

Well...no more using QB Desktop...no more QB-Paypal sync..now they bring it back....the Pro Advisor Program doesn't make much sense since they changed the exams.....and now the end of Bill Payment...thankfully I bit the bullet and bought a Chase Paymentech Terminal....psst...guys...a CPA certificate is still better than being an Advanced Pro Advisor despite what the koolaid says......is there some logic to this without having to pay for something else?

Jordan S Zoot CPA more than 2 years ago

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