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When will credit card chip processing actually begin?

We upgraded our software and bought chip card readers however as of this date (4/11/16) QB POS is still processing credit cards without requiring credit cards with chips be slipped into the chip opening. They have just been swiped like they have been prior to buying this expensive equipment and software. When will QB POS start using the new chip technology? more than 1 year ago

We asked our POS Guru Will English this question -

Intuit is currently Beta Testing the interface between the software and hardware, as soon as they are confident with the drivers and application they will issue a software update release that should take 'chip card technology' live. Until then, they continue to assume the liability for their merchant service customers using the existing functionality.

I would assume, but certainly can not guarantee, that Intuit will probably give as much as 30-days phase in after the update is finally released.

I would point out that there are several other merchant service and software developers that are still experiencing the same issues.

Murph more than 1 year ago

Updated QB _AND_ POS?

A retailer that has already upgraded to QB POS 12 desktop but uses an older version of QuickBooks - say 2014 or 2015 - do they still have to upgrade to the 2016 desktop software?

Scott Bonacker CPA more than 1 year ago

Good question - but you need to ask Merchant Services

I'm sorry to say I don't know the answer. Now supposedly the reason you upgrade is to be 'chip reader' compliant and so you would think that the currency of POS would suffice, but since the payments are being processed from the merchant service website into QB, it maybe that Merchant Service won't support the older version if the source transaction was 'chip' originated. (I wouldn't be either way, so you will just have to ask Merchant Service.)

But please post what you find out right back here after you talk to them.

Murph more than 1 year ago

EMV card readers

It's almost an intuitive 'no' because the QB desktop accounting software never possesses the card details in this scenario. The only other reason for mandatory updates is for payroll purposes, and the QB 2013 desktop software 'dies' for payroll at the end of May 2016.

On a related note, Intuit Payment Solutions says EMV card readers are expected to be available around the end of June.

Scott Bonacker CPA more than 1 year ago

FTC involvement (not necessarily with Intuit)

Looks like the compliance issue is getting pretty serious.

Scott Bonacker CPA more than 1 year ago

Looks like they are delayed again...

From QuickBooks Payments:

"Thank you for ordering your EMV mobile card reader, order number: XXXX. We wanted to let you know the status of your order.
Unfortunately, the new mobile EMV readers are delayed. Don't worry, Intuit will continue to cover you for EMV fraud liability until 60 days after we ship the mobile EMV card reader to you. During this time, we will assume the liability for counterfeit or stolen card-present fraud that occurs when you unknowingly process a counterfeit or stolen EMV chip card using your current magnetic stripe reader.
We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused you. As a reminder, for all pre-orders, you will not be charged until the device is ready to ship. If you prefer, you can cancel your order at no cost to you by completing this form with your information.
If you have any questions about EMV, please visit our online support center.
Thanks for your patience as we work toward providing a smooth transition to EMV for you and your customers."

Brett Barry more than 1 year ago

EMV Reader for QuickBooks Desktop

Any idea which EMV reader(s) will be compatible with QuickBooks desktop, specifically Enterprise? I hope that they have a compliant device ready for sale by their deadline.

As of this morning, the Intuit site says "Information on the new QuickBooks USB EMV Card Reader for use with QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier) 2016, QuickBooks Enterprise 2016, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0, will be available soon."

Brian Sweat | President and CEO
Alterity, Inc. | Acctivate Inventory Software
817-870-1311 x 105 | @briansweat

Brian Sweat more than 1 year ago

Magtek eDynamo is what we understand

According to information available to us, QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise/Accountant) and QuickBooks Online users will make use of a USB compatible 'Magtek eDynamo' EMV compliant reader for processing of credit card transactions.

The website we have for more information on readers is:

Although when we attempted to open that site as part of making this reply, we got a 'server busy' (as in 'server overload') message kicked back to us. more than 1 year ago

When will New Readers be shipped by intuit?

I understand the requirements and have no problem with them. My question is when will intuit ship the new readers I pre-ordered over a year ago? Several of my clients aren't going to upgrade, they say they have the same regular clients and their risk is minimal. But I prefer to be safe rather then sorry.

Rebecca Neilson more than 1 year ago

Hopefully sooner, than later.

We understand that some are shipping or soon will be; still the same, you may want to check your pre-order status? more than 1 year ago

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