BREAKING NEWS: Intuit announces Payroll Product Price Changes



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Intuit Payroll Software

This is not new, every business wants to earn more and more! It depends on the users, price is acceptable or not, if the price is really too high the business will not flourish much.

grmaryp more than 1 year ago

Payroll Pricing

I went online and was able to purchase Quickbooks desktop 2016 and the Enhanced Payroll together for $230.
What is Intuit doing charging so much for just the Enhanced Payroll renewal? It is criminal!

Susan more than 1 year ago

Payroll pricing

My sentiments exactly. Why do we give them our money? If I were to council a new business I would steer them away from Intuit.

Peaches 249 days ago


Intuit is going to make more companies start using ADP and Paychecks, because they will be cheaper. What are they thinking?????

JoEllen Smith more than 2 years ago


Does this mean that they are getting rid of the $2/employee a month fee and now its just a base fee of $519 a year with no extras?

Karlee more than 2 years ago

Can you say Shop Around?

While I have use enhanced payroll for years, the constant increase in price is going to kill my abity to sell this to my clients that do payroll in house. New products like Zen Payroll are looking more appealing all the time. Plus if you do tax preparation, many of the software packages are including payroll features that are very affordable. Intuit, don't price us out of the business. We love your products. But it makes it harder to sell when add on prices make the other guys look much more appealing.

Rebecca Neilson more than 2 years ago

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