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Best practice

To determine authentic Intuit emails from these bogus ones, hover you cursor over the Sender address to expose the full address of the sender. They are pretty creative email addresses but clearly not from Intuit. Have a chuckle at the address and delete forthwith!

Donna Jack more than 2 years ago

Credit Card Declined/ Quickbooks Support - Another Variety

I just got another variety... The email was supposedly from QuickBooks Support and the subject line read: "Account Vitrification".
I sent in on to spoof@intuit.com.

Susan Humphreys more than 2 years ago

Credit Declined

The phishing email you described arrived minutes ahead of this warning. I was suspicious of the 1st email but looked at it, not downloading anything. Usually grammatical errors occur in these type of scams, but this one looks pretty clean.... except for not capitalizing the word "you" at the start of the 3rd paragraph.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

--<>--<>- Lyndon

Lyndon Humbracht more than 2 years ago

Credit Card Declined

Received two already this morning. But please be sure to check - a client forwarded me one before it was mentioned by you, asking if it was Spam or real. Turns out, her QBO was up for renewal and her card had been declined because she no longer had the card they had on file. The email was almost identical to the one above.

Elizabeth Benton more than 2 years ago

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