WHAT IF: I need to Verify my QB-POS Data?



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Murph's Tech Tips

As always, these tips are priceless!

Rhonda Rosand more than 2 years ago

Problems accessing Debug mode

Thank you for the article. Very timely as I am using a trial version to debug some issues. Unfortunately pressing the 4 keys did not show the Debug menu item. Moreover, the link to the QB article has a broken link to Problems accessing Debug mode. Any input would be appreciated.

Ian Benoliel more than 2 years ago

I just tried the 4 keys, it worked for me.

I also tried the link to the KBA, and I had no problem viewing that either.
Intuit Technical Support suggest if the debug menu does not show up, try depressing the 4 keys in sequence (rather than all simultaneously).

If the Debut menu still does not show up, close Point-of-Sale, go to task manager ( (CTRL) (ALT) (DELETE) ), and end the HKCMD.exe process and then proceed through the steps to try to bring up debug again.

Best of luck,


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

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