TECHNO-TOPIC: Windows 10 and QuickBooks 2015 or 2016



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QB desktop 2017 premier

Any suggestions for Installing QB premier desktop 2017 on a Win 7 SP1. Ran QB Installer tool and get error saying that a different version of the third party MSoffice vstor30 (visual Studios tools for office 3.0) is already installed then the QB Install is stuck at a message box reading "restart to continue install" but nothing continues after restart.
We've gone through all Intuit's .NET fixes and numerous others to no avail...

Alicia 126 days ago

Cannot install on Windows 10

I am a student trying to install QB Accountant on a Windows 10 Machine. I have .NET Framework 3.5 activated. The error message I get is WideChartoMultiByte not available in DLL. I thought I might have to update, or install a patch, but I am updated, and I cannot find a patch. This program runs on the school machines which are also Windows 10. I have tried running the install as administrator, and compatibility testing. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am a commuter student and cannot be at the school all the time just to use the computer.

Paul 328 days ago

Try running Reboot.bat

Here is a link to a QuickBooks article that may be of assistance.

It doesn't matter that this article is from the 'payroll side' of the Intuit house, Reboot.bat is a file associated with the overall QuickBooks installation. 325 days ago

Lost quick books date

Upgraded to Windows 10. Lost almost all my quick book data. It only kept January 2015- March 18 2015 data. It was all there before. Found out that all my back ups onto a thumb drive didn't work. Only kept till the same dates mentioned. I don't understand. If my thumb drive wasn't backing up past March of last year then where is all the updated data I saw feb 5 2016. Which is the last date I entered data and backed up my data (which apparently didn't back up). WHERE IS MY DATA!!!!!!

Heidie more than 1 year ago

Contact a local ProAdvisor to help you

Obviously 'your case' is far too difficult to even begin to answer based upon the limited information, and without being able to actually see your computer and data. I suggest that you click on the Help menu and select the option to "Find a Local QuickBooks Expert", what you need is a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor to assist you in either finding, or possibly recovering, your missing data. more than 1 year ago

Windows 10, Quickbooks & P45

When trying to run P45 Quickbooks crashes. 90 minutes with the Quickbooks support team has not helped. IE11 is default browser, .NET Framework 3.5 has been activated. Quickbooks engineer recommended reverting to Win 8 or Win 7.

Spencer Hampton more than 1 year ago

QuickBooks release 9 update will not install

Everytime I open QuickBooks and asked me if I want install release 9 update i click OK but it doesn't do anything and I wait a long period of time I tried installing and uninstalling QuickBooks still doesn't

Beaver Miller more than 1 year ago

2 things to try

1) Insure that you do not have your 'antivirus' program running; 2) Perform a clean uninstall of QuickBooks and then download the entire program (with Release 9 already included). more than 1 year ago

Windows 10 and Quick Books 2016 hell!

worked fine for about a month but now keep getting error message "the operating system is not presently configured to run this application" and QB freezes. Microsoft don't want to know saying it's a QB fault but we know differently! Have check the Explorer 11 and NET issues quoted and makes no difference. Losing the will to live!

Kristine Fleet more than 1 year ago

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