When Your QuickBooks Company File Will Not Open



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Quickbooks Can't open file error

I know this is an old feed but I was always able to use Timemachine on my mac air to restore these files after QB numerous crashes but this time the file is greyed out and can't be selected once located - in fact all my back ups are not selectable... Any advice?

Gail 63 days ago

Gray means Hidden

Grayed-out files/folders in the Mac OS mean that they are 'hidden', QB-Mac can open a hidden file. Check the 'properties' to see if they are hidden, if so, you need un-hide them. The process to un-hide them will depend upon where they are located, consult your Mac user help for details.

insightfulaccountant.com 62 days ago

Re: Company Filee

Thanks for sharing this useful information to fix this quickbook error. It's really a very serious issue and we had encountered recently. After doing a lot of manual tricks, didn't get any success. At last, we took help from this third party application that successfully fixed and restored quickbook database files back to their original stage: http://ruselltech.blogspot.com/2014/01/quickbooks-recovery-quickbooks-database.html

I just want to say that if anybody is unable to fix such corruption error manually, try this excellent tool and save your data.

Ricky Mitchum 230 days ago

Our own experience with that software doesn't match your results

Sorry to say that I disagree with you....my own experience after both a Beta and then 1st year version of testing of that product showed it DID NOT work as advertised. Glad you had successful results with it (perhaps they have improved it significantly), but I couldn't recommend it.


insightfulaccountant.com 229 days ago

Great Quickbook tips!

Really helpful tips- this solved my challenge opening a quickbooks file. Thank you!

Jenn more than 2 years ago

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