Which Browser Works Best with QBO?

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Had many problem with QBO and cloud hosting saved me

As a Quickbooks user for over 8 years I would recommend using Quickbooks hosed in the cloud. It is way more convenient than Quickbooks Desktop and online, you can say its a blend of best of both. I tried different cloud provider and ended my hunt on www.techarex.net. Its been 2 years now and haven't faced any problems. I love the way my Quickbooks Pro Desktop works now and I also like the way they address my Quickbooks technical and accounting queries for free everytime.

Unlike QBO it is not browser dependent and works from desktop, mac and smartphones.

Ana brown more than 1 year ago

Online bank access

If you use online banking, those programs can keep track of the computer you are using (ISP address). If you clear the cache and cookies, you clear away the bank's way of telling that you have used that computer before to access the online banking and then puts you through authenticating your computer again with jump through all the appropriate hoops to do that. That is very annoying if you work for several clients and access several different banks.

Sharon Rhea more than 1 year ago

Can't rec in Chrome

When I try to do my bank recs in Chrome some of the lines get hidden and when I asked QB about this they said to use Internet Explorer. I don't have the problem in IE so I use Chrome for everything but switch over when I do a bank rec.

Ann more than 1 year ago

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