What If: I need to send a copy of my data by email?



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portable files on a mac

how do i create a portable file on teh Mac version of QB?

Susan Crowley more than 1 year ago

QB-Mac Does Not Offer a Portable Company File

QB-Mac only offers a Back-up file, it does not offer either the Portable Company File or Accountant's Copy (file) types which are available in the 'Windows' versions of QuickBooks.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

Answer in article ignores size and security issues

It is really not a good idea to send QB files, in any format, by email. It is not a secure method of transmittal and many QB files, even portable files, may be blocked by either sender or recipient's email programs or ISP's due to size. I would recommend getting a subscription with a secure portal program such as sharefile, or egnyte to send or request files. Files sent using these services are encrypted, can be passworded, and have no size limitations.

Evie Golosow more than 2 years ago

Great Point

You bring up a good point regarding security. That's why we like getting feedback and comments on the articles. Thanks for reading, tweeting, following and facebooking Intuitive Accountant. -Gary

garyd (insightfulaccountant.com) more than 2 years ago

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