Welcome QuickBooks Online 'Categories' to the Party

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Great idea, but I'd be more excited if they used a term that did not already have another meaning in Quick-world. (GL accounts are called Categories in Quicken.) It's confusing enough for our clients that "accounts" refers to both bank accounts and General Ledger accounts. How about using a unique term, like "Sales Groups", or "Income Groups", "Revenue Groups", or even "Genre"?

Carole M. more than 1 year ago

Good and bad in everything...

I agree with the editor's comment that Categories create yet one more dissimilarity between QBO and QBDT editions, and thus may hinder moving QBO files to the desktop.

I will additionally point out that this new feature adds to the learning curve or need for changed procedures for QBDT users to move to QBO. I, for instance, have some very nifty uses for subitems which *depend* on the fact that they are hierarchical, which means those nifty procedures which have become essential to me in QBDT may not be possible in QBO without entirely rethinking how they should work.

Mark Wilsdorf more than 1 year ago

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