The Undeposited Funds Error



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Undeposited Fudns

Just create a "fake" bank account. Go into the make deposits window and "select all" and deposit into your fake bank account. That will create a debit balance in the account. Then create a journal entry to credit the fake bank account and debit income. Done!

Marianne Kern more than 1 year ago

PDF of webinar

I attended the webinar yesterday but didn't download the PDF--how do I get this?

Llinda Sepacht more than 1 year ago

Link To PDF

Here's the link to the pdf. more than 1 year ago

why not just...

Since the the deposit is correct and now the proper details are being added. Why not just delete the incorrect line or change the total by subtracting the amount of the payments selected? The total deposit remains the same with the correct details.

Bonnie more than 3 years ago

Undeposited funds

AMEN!! to everything you have written here. I had a client with over $3,000,000 in this account. When I explained that her Balance Sheet would reflect this and she would be asked where this money is...she got it!

Bernadette Amos more than 3 years ago

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