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New Reconciliation Gone??

Is it just me or did they pull the new reconciliation view? All I'm getting this week is the old version. I'm quite bummed. I want the new version back.

Bren 132 days ago


I can't find it anymore either!! :(

Danielle 129 days ago

Can't see yet in AU

Looks exciting - but not yet in regional AU version. Any idea on timelines for regional release?

Diane Lucas 326 days ago

AU timeline

Great question. I asked and was not able to get an answer as to When but I did get an answer saying you Will get it.

Liz 326 days ago

Dont see previous reconcile reports in History

Liz, you made that sound like so much fun that I Had to go find an account that had not yet been reconciled.
I noticed that previous reconcile reports are not available. I bet they find a way to fbring over the previous reports before the feature comes out of Lab status.

Ann Lee 327 days ago

History and Reports header

All the QBO accounts I have tried have the previous history and reports. But I agree the reports are in a new area we previously did not have. Once you select Reconcile from the main menu the very next screen has two choices listed at the top of the page. One is Reconcile account and the other is History and Reports. If you choose History and Reports you will see ALL previous reconciliations within the lifetime of the QBO file. In the article, there is an image about of this screen listed under the Reconciliation Reports.

Liz Scott 326 days ago


Very Nice Liz... I couldn't find the UNDO button for reconciliation.. did you see it anywhere?

hector garcia 327 days ago

Undo Reconciliation

Hi Hector! I agree, there does not appear to be an Undo button. So for now, the only way to Undo a previous reconciliation is to opt out the new reconciliation in QuickBooks Labs and then the Undo. It's kind of a drag but since this is the test environment maybe our requested feature will be added soon.

Liz Scott 326 days ago

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