The Data Detective – The Case of the Crashing Duplication



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SmartVault and QB Crashes

We have this problem with memorized invoices. Do you know if this was fixed with updated versions of QB. We run Enterprise 14 R5.

Nancy Reed more than 1 year ago

You should be running at least R7 of QBES 14

Numerous 'fixes' in subsequent releases of QBES 14 and R7 is a 'stable' release. more than 1 year ago


I have read this complete article and think that you are absolutely correct about these "how precious is the life of a QuickBooks file, only to die so quickly " but perhaps not dead . i think there are many different sites available online who provide support on different quickbooks software issues.
you can also get some help from official site and
other third party site like you, .

Robert Jason more than 2 years ago

QB Crashing

I'm glad to have read this column since our QB files constantly crash when switching between companies (we have 17) and mostly occurs during the month end reporting. It's so annoying to have to restart QB every three companies, if not more often. I suppose I need to follow up with QB Technical Support with my issue. Thanks, Bill Murphy, for writing about this topic! I love your articles, as they have become a usefule resource for me.

Christine more than 2 years ago

I love forward to these detective stories, Murph,

learn from them, and use them to help my clients in beautiful "sunny" Seattle.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Love these

I never miss an installment, Murph. If for no other reason than to step through the reasoning with you!

Rhonda McNamara more than 2 years ago

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