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I wish I had this article 9 months ago!

I had a client that was using an outdated computer. I stressed it was running way to slow and we needed to replace it or do some serious upgrades. After several months they finally got additional ram so we could go from 500mb to 2 GB of Ram. It helped but I still stressed that their computer was an accident waiting to happen. I didn't experence the freezing issues after I upgrade the Ram but new we still need to upgrade. I cleaned off a ton fo uneeded photo files and other files to freeup more hard drive space as well. then In January the big freeze hit and I couldn't get the computer to reboot. Finally I opened up the computer cleaned out all dust bunnies and made sure al boards were secure. They had moved their office a few works earlier and I think the computer got bumped. I was finally able to get the computer to start quickly made a current backup. They had failed to sync their onlie backup with Quickbooks as I had instrcuted months earlier.
They then went and got a new computer. However damage had been occuring all along and untill I went to run some needed reports I was unaware of how extensive the corruption was. when I realized the problem I then spent 5 hours with the ProAdvisor tech support finidng and cleaning up the damage. It was a frustrating and eyeopeing experience. My cleints didn't want to believe that it was all due to the computer issues until I had tech support write them a detailed e-mail much as this article and with even more detail as to why the corruption occured. Now I tell all clients that if they have computer issues as described in this article I will not be responsible for data corruption and to upgrade the computer and install all the safety steps to protect their data or I won't be their bookkeeper.

Rebecca Neilson more than 3 years ago

Thanks for mentioning - Cleaning is essential too

Rebecca - I tend to focus on the more significant and not so much the mundane, but you have 'hit' on another key point that I didn't include in the article because I am not sure if there is any 'documented dirt' (so to speak) with respect to data corruption.

Keeping the 'insides' of a computer clean is essential to prolonging component life. As dirt, dust-bunnies, cobwebs, and every other form of 'yuck' accumulates in your computer, components heat up all that much more. (A layer of dust-bunnies on your motherboard is just like wrapping it in a blanket.)

Furthermore all this 'yuck' reduces airflow and thus compounds the heating effect. You want a computer to go bad at half its' life expectancy, just never clean the inside!

Of course cleaning must be done appropriately with 'power off' and primarily using air, either in vacuum mode or blower mode. Special attention should be given to insuring that fans are clean.

Generally I have found if your computer sits on the floor, cleaning should be at least twice as often as if it sits on a desk or in a rack. But for servers don't assume just because your computer is in an enclosure with cooling and fans that it is dust/dirt/yucko free; to the contrary the air-flow is perfect for dust-bunny reproduction.

So the lesson here is 'keep it clean'...thanks for pointing this out, and thanks for reading "Intuitive Accountant."

Murph more than 3 years ago

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